Death of a Kunama child at the hand of a Tigrigna man in the Kunama land.

The date was June 27,2020 a beautiful Saturday morning ,children playing, laughing , teasing each other, kicking the ball chasing each other  under the bright sun , mothers calling them to come and eat lunch and after eating they would continue their games until the sun set. This is an ordinary day just like the other days. But, this was not an ordinary day for the family of Kilam Shawali Ambet. Nothing in the world could have prepared them for the news that they were going to bear this fine Saturday afternoon of Jun 27 of 2020.

KILAM SHAWALI AMBET , who was 8 years old at the time was killed by a Tigrigna man on Jun 27, 2020 at 3 pm on this beautiful Saturday afternoon, Kilam’s crime that he was a child doing what children do run around being mischievous. But Mr. Zefere Keshi-Kibrom Negasi of Merhano, who is married with two young children, did not see the kids mischievous behavior as being children and took matters into his own hands and killed this 8 eyar old child,  Kilam Shawali Ambet with a stone, yes, he stoned him to death.

 Mr. Zefere whio is in his mid 40 , late 50 years of age moved to Barentu 4 years ago from Merhano  and the kunama people known for their generosity have given him space for him and his family to be neighbors and good friends to live in peace in a place where peace seems far away.

Kilam is survived by his father Shawali Ambet and his mother Fatna Danik Ule.

The pain and grief the parents are going through is an imaginable. Kilam was the future hope and bread winner for the family and this man did not only kill the child but everyone who would have depended on him in the future. No amount of money or talk is going to bring this child back. It is sad that we are all victims of our times and instead of helping each other what good is it to cause harm and grief to people who have the best interest for you. This news hardly being shared and no one seems to know of this poor family what they are going through. But imagine what would have happened if this happened the other way around, a kunama man with his family moving to Merhano, and for no good reason kills an 8 year Tigrigna boy? I do not have to answer as we all know what the reaction would have been.

So, we as Eritreans what are going to do to help this poor family. How are we going to solve such crimes from happening again? Should the Kunama people be scared of their neighbors in their own land? How can we assure them that things will be better and their kids can go out play and can come home without alive?

Please, as Eritreans and good people share this story and talk to others to assure the Kunama people are good people and that they do not deserve such cruelty In their own home.

You know when a TIGRIGNA MAN IS SUFFERIGN IN Eritrea today you should know that the Kunama person’s suffering is 10 times that of a Tigrigna person. So, please as God fearing people have mercy and be good neighbors if you insist you have to be in their land and home, but leave them alone. The Kunama are not looking for hand out from any one, but it is others that are coming to their homes and cause all these pain, killing their children, taking their land, pushing them out will not benefit any one.