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The Report, of a Second Witness, on the Fate of those Kunama Prisoners,Mass-poisoned, mass-murdered and buried, in a mass-grave, in Maiduma, in 2006-2007.

In the recent days, the report of a second witness, on the fate of those Kunama prisoners, mass-poisoned, mass-murdered and buried in a mass-grave, was released in “Asena-Radio“.   First of all, our heartfelt thanks, goes to the two gentlemen: firstly to the PFDJ regime’s Military Security Member, Ato Mengstab Girmai and, secondly, to Brigarier […]


  “Indigenisation“, as we understand it, is a “process“, mainly economic one, launched by some African statesmen and governments, specifically led by the government of Simbabwe. Translating it into simple words, understanding and putting it into practice, “Indiginisation“ is a process of economic development, intended to be congenial to the customo-traditions ,and according to the […]

The Italian and the Shabia’s Colonisation over the Kunama land:

This is a comparative study of the Italian colonial government’s colonisation of the Kunama land and of the exploitation, by the Italian “agricoltori“, (agriculturists), and “minatori“, (miners) ,of the Kunama land’s surface and underground wealth, compared with the equally, and very oppressively conducted colonisation and highly exploitative activities of the present Eritrean PFDJ’s regime, over […]


This is an extract from the final “Decision” reached, and the “Declaration” made by “Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission”, regarding the “Traditional Ancestral Territory of the Kunama People”, after a detailed historico-political research and study, conducted by the “Commission” itself. The K-ABIT is publishing two very important parts of such document, so the PFDJ’s regime, the many […]

How much and how deeply, does “Zekre Lebona“ know the Kunama people and their political history, in order to claim that they “allied with Ethiopia and remained until their fate of defeat?“

  In a multi-ethic and mlti-culturo-linguistic nation, like Eritrea, any individual, either wishing or claiming to be competent enough and able to write or talk about one’s own ethnic group, one’s own members and on’s own culturo-traditional and political history is already a very difficult challenge, let alone undertaking to write and talk about other […]