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The Report, of a Second Witness, on the Fate of those Kunama Prisoners,Mass-poisoned, mass-murdered and buried, in a mass-grave, in Maiduma, in 2006-2007.

In the recent days, the report of a second witness, on the fate of those Kunama prisoners, mass-poisoned, mass-murdered and buried in a mass-grave, was released in “Asena-Radio“.   First of all, our heartfelt thanks, goes to the two gentlemen: firstly to the PFDJ regime’s Military Security Member, Ato Mengstab Girmai and, secondly, to Brigarier […]

“UN Report: Massacre and Mass Graves of Eritrean Kunamas and Afars“,

  Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2015, by Daniel Berhane. Ali Abdu, the PFDJ regime’s former minister of information, was reported to have been the chief master minder of the “massacres“ of the Kunama people. “A United Nations report implicates Eritrea of massacres targeting Kunama and Afar communities and the existence of mass graves.  The […]

A Message to Ato Iyob Teklu:

Ato Iyob Teklu, Many Kunama people, and we, the team running the two Kunama web-sites,, in Kunama language and, in English language, do not know you personally, apart from being informed that you are an active member of –SEDEGE’s opposition organisation, living and operating in Sioux-Falls, (South-Dakota). From reliable sources, we got the […]

Here is an image of a criminal that is killing and terrorizing people of his native country.

Kornelious Osman Agar resides in the neighboring country, Ethiopia and his military camp is set up in the refugee camp of Shimelba and takes advantage of the innocent Kunama refugees that are running from the dictatorial regime of the Eritrean government and conscripts them by force into his army. Lately Kornelious and his “military” have […]

Kornelios Osman’s Evasive Answers and Three, (3), Big Lies:

Concerning the fellow-Kunama individuals killed, Kornelios Osman, during his journey to, and stay in USA, gave the following three answers of three different versions. 1).- “I did not kill them“; 2).- “Others told us to kill them“;  3).- “The People killed them“; Kornelios Osman gave these three different answers, to those Kunama, who adressed him, […]