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The ARRA’s leadership, in Shimelaba- Ethiopia is not adequately protecting the Kunama people in their refugee-camp

The news, continuously reaching the offices of the two Kunama web-sites: and, are confirming that the ARRA’s leadership, headed by Ato Filimon G/Medehin, is “not adequately protecting” the Kunama people in their refugee-camp in Shimelba-Ethiopia. It is noted that the Kunama people’s refugee-camp is the only one suffering from such problems, whereas all other Eritrean refugee-camps in […]

In the PFDJ (Shabia) regime’s, Parlance, Politics and Activities-, ”There is no Failture“ but only “Success, Development, Improvement,

Time and again, and for the last twenty and more, (20+), years, the presently and permanently ruling PFDJ’s regime, of Ato Isaias Afwerki, has been leading us into believing their maxim that: “economically, Eritrea” would be the “Syngapore” and “militarily”, the “Israel” of “Africa”. Nothing of all this has yet been materialized, except, the regime’s […]