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The Presently ruling PFDJ’s regime, has published, an interesting announcement, on the new schooling and educational system inEritrea, under the title: “Economic, social and cultural transformations (Part V)”, written by shabait Administrator,

 The announcement began: “on the basis of these principles the EPLF adopted the following educational policy. Each citizen should be instructed at the elementary school level in his/her language. This is done not out of desire to foster many languages but because it is easier and more efficient. English should be taught as a language […]

The names of the members of the “Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change”, (ENCDC), ”Bayto”,signatories to a letter of protest, in Support of the “DMLEK’s” leader, Kornelios Adolay Osman:

According to the news given, on his web-site,, by the “suspended” member of the “ENCDC”, and of equally “expelled” from the “Eritrean Democratic Alliance”, (EDA”, and chairman of the “Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Eritrean Kunama”, (DMLEK”, Kornelios Adolay Osman, the “ENCDC’s” members, listed below, are reported to have written and sent […]

“Eritrean National Salvation Front”, (ENSF)

a).- its name; b) – its make-up and c).- its national and socio-political significance: If the name of a person, of an organization, of a place or simply of an object, is there to have a viable significance, it is to be looked into its name, its internal make-up and its own aims and objectives. […]


This is an official and earnest call and appeal to the “Members of the Eritrean Youth Solidarity for National Salvation, (EYSNS), residing in Switzerland”. A report “published on 29 December 2012 16:13, by the Administration and Finance department of DMLEK”, confirms that, “the Members of the Eritrean Youth Solidarity for National Salvation, (EYSNS), resided in […]