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 The geopolitical position of Afarland always attracted various colonial powers, especially Ethiopia, France and Italy.  The Italian Government acted and infiltrated under the pretext of renting a piece of land for the Robartino shipping company and as it had visited Asab several times prior to the occupation in order to carryout topographic and demographic studies. Giuseppe […]

The Principles of the “Kunama Political Party” (KPP),

  Respected fellow-Kunama at home and abroad, the “Kunama Political Party”, (KPP), in Kunama language, “Kunama Politika Buluka” (KPB), held its first Congress, elected its Central Committee Members and ratified its Political Principles. The KPP is founded upon the following three principles, aims and action-plans: a.- What is the KPP? b.- Why has the KPP […]