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If the “Arabic” and the “Tigrigngna”, are already declared, by the compilers of the “Eritrean Draft Constitution”,as the twin “national languages” of Eritrea, what is going to be the “academic” language of the Eritrean nation and of all of the Eritrean students?

In a previous piece of writing, some of us Kunama asked why the two of the many ethnic languages of Eritrea, had been declared as the “official languages” of Eritrea, noting that, in a multi-ethnic and multi-culturo-linguistic society, like that of Eritrea, any one or two ethnic-languages should never be declared as having priority and […]

Some contents of the Commission’s “Draft Constitution of Eritrea“, seen and considered from the Kunama perspective:

after a long hoping and awaiting, the “Commission’s Draft Constitution of Eritrea” has finally been made public, but unfortunately, and to our great surprise and disappointment, it has been written and issued only in the “Tigrigngna Language”, as if we Kunama and all the other “non-Tigrian” Eritrean ethnic-groups and their respective members, can speak, read […]