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Kunama Targadokandea Kunamasi Tummasuna

Lattanga minta kishena, Kunamingnga kosola-aura latta goda kisha desgkenab naua nabininasi aishenake, “Akesuma nakke, . . . . . . . . . Digidenalle junjunam ifono nde arab kami kateso, ai ua koila mintan ditta afaga minta numema nde anokata kate gadadab nauda gonake . . . , lagangana, Bia-ara, [ Mba-rengku, Mai Tsada-na ], […]

The “EPDP” lacks of the “representations” of the “ethnic/folk-group”,of the “culturo-linguistic” and of the “religious diversities”of the “Eritrean nation” and “society”:

It is almost of our daily observation and experience that, wherever it is found, wherever it shuttles to, whenever and wherever it holds its, meetings, seminars or congresses, the “Eritrean People’s Democratic Party”, (EPDP), is always made up of the same people, of the leaders of the same Eritrean ethnic/folk-groups and of the supporters of […]

What are the leaders of the Kunama Political Party, (KPP); of the Kunama Civic Societies (KCS) and ofthe Kunama Military Organisation (KMO),have to offer the Kunama People, in 2011?

  It is customary that, at the beginning of each new year, an individual, groups of individuals or organisations, do set themselves action-plans to be carried out and implemented within the length of that year. It does not matter much, if either one or more of those action-plans are implemented even on December 31st of […]


Dear fellow-Kunama, dear learners and friends of the “Kunama Language” and of the Kunama people, honourable linguists and philologies, who may have some interest in the Kunama, as one of the world languages, a “Grammar of the Kunama Language” has been compiled and, for the first time, and for the time-being, published, in “Paperback”, by […]